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This website is part of an active research project by fans to document, in the greatest detail possible, Cat’s way of playing the guitar and piano, and performing his songs. The nature of the content provided here is entirely noncommercial, nonprofit.

Whenever available we use video footage from concerts as basis for our transcriptions, and extrapolate Cat’s way of playing the song from there. We also make use of the software “Transcribe!” to help us slow down and dissect audio material for our transcriptions.

All tablature material is the creation and own interpretation of its respective author. Visitors may use the contents offered on this website only for private study, scholarship or research. We are not affiliated with anyone, anything or any one thing.

On the Artists

Cat Stevens
Paul Samwell-Smith

Cat Stevens was born Steven Demetre Georgiou in London on July 21st 1948. In 1965 he adopted the stage name Cat Stevens. As a prominent convert to Islam, he changed his name to Yusuf Islam on July 4th 1978. For your convenience, we simply refer to him as “Cat” on this site, even though friends and family would always call him “Steve” (before the conversion).

Alun Davies, born on July 27th 1943, is a Welsh master guitarist and studio musician. He is probably best known for his beautiful guitar-playing and backing vocals as accompanist to Cat Stevens in the 1970s. In 1972 Alun debuted his solo album Daydo, produced by Cat and Paul Samwell-Smith.

Paul Samwell-Smith, born on May 8th 1943, is Cat’s producer at Islands Records, Chris Rockwell’s recording label. He was also the bass player of the 1960s English rock band “The Yardbirds”. Starting with Mona Bone Jakon, Paul gave Cat’s records this clean, unmistakable ambience with natural-sounding guitars.

All three artists connect a life-long friendship.

Alun Davies