Here Comes My Wife

Author: Leonard Latest revision: April 13, 2020
Author’s Notes: After his contracting, and subsequent convalescing from, tuberculosis Steve apparently did one more recording session with Mike Hurst in 1968. The arrangement is the usual bombastic big band sound Hurst prescribed Steve during his entire time with the Dekka label. Steve was heavily influenced by classical music and musicals at the time (e.g., the fanfare intro he wrote for this is inspired by Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture”), so the arrangement is not entirely unfitting, although one has to wonder how a tamer instrumentalization might have impacted the more petite lyrics, perhaps, for the better. Much less so than in his later works, the lyrics here already contain so-called universal mini-truths (“It just makes him better to be there.”) that would prove to be invaluable for pop songs such as this to better stand the test of time. The outro is a repeat-to-fade typical for Steve’s time with Dekka but a trend that would not reoccur with his later works.
Each guitar tab is the author’s own work and represents his or her own interpretation of the song.
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                  "Here Comes My Wife"
                     by Cat Stevens
                 from the original album
                    NEW MASTERS (1968)

Standard tuning
(low to high) E-A-D-G-B-E

in 4/4 time


  *fanfare played in fast down strokes*
  A               E  A      A E A D         A  E4
| /  /  /  / | /  /  /  / | /  /  /  / | /  /  /  / |

   A      D/A        A      D/A        A      D/A        A      D/A
   /   /   /   /     /   /   /   /     /   /   /   /     /   /   /   /


             A    D  E7                    A   D      E7
Well, here comes my wife, and that's the story of my life.
     Bm/F#     F#m                    F
She haunts me,      though she don't want me. 
       E7         A   D    E7                A      D      E7
She follows badly in dis-guise but it's not hard to rec-og-nize her, 
              Bm/F#   F#m                   F       E   D
'Cause she's crying!       She looks like dyin' on me._____


       A                         D
Her father's rich, I think a millionaire.
E7                      D
     But money doesn't make him better,
          A                      D
It just makes him better to be there.
E7                                    F
     So, you can tell him that it's quite alright,
              Am                 E   D
No, no, it's quite alright with me._____



 A                      D
See that shadow dancing on the floor,
E7                       D
     She's coming up be-hind me!
         A                        D
How I'd love to tell her she's a bore.
E7                              F
     But I tell her that it's quite alright,
              Am                 E   D
No, no, it's quite alright with me._____



  E            D            E            D
| /  /  /  / | /  /  /  / | /  /  /  / | /  /  /  / |
  on me.___________________________________________
  E            D            E            D
| /  /  /  / | /  /  /  / | /  /  /  / | /  /  /  / |


  A        E      E7      E4       D     D/A
x02220  022100  022130  022200  xx0232  x00232
--IMR-  -MRI--  -MRIL-  -MRL--  ---IRM  ---IRM

 Bm/F#   F#m       F      Am
xx4322  244222  133211  x02210

Chord fingering:      T = thumb                
                      I = index finger
                      M = middle finger
                      R = ring finger
                      L = little finger

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