Where Are You?

Author: Leonard Latest revision: December 22, 2017
Author’s Notes: “Where Are You” serves as a swan song marking the end of the cooperation with Decca producer Mike Hurst. While it failed to chart, it stands as one of Steve’s favorite track from that time with its tamer overall arrangement uncharacteristic of Hurst’s prescribed big band sound. Its classical character is reminiscent of song arrangements heard in musicals. The influences of the melancholy French genre are apparent, not only in the lyrics. Its simplified arrangement serves as a look into the things to come for Steve starting with Mona Bone Jakon.
Each guitar tab is the author’s own work and represents his or her own interpretation of the song.
Visitors may use the guitar tabs offered here only for private study, scholarship, or research.
                    "Where Are You?"
                     by Cat Stevens
                 the original single (1969)
             later released as bonus track on
           the CD reissues of the original album
                NEW MASTERS (1967/1989/2004)
Standard tuning
(low to high) E-A-D-G-B-E

in 4/4 time


    Am      (trill~~~~~~~~~~)         (trill~~~~~~~~~~)


Am            Dm7/A         RIFF   
     I know I think a lot,           
G                          C              G4/B            Am
     But somehow it just doesn't help, it only  makes it worse.
 F         Dm/A                G            Em         E7
The more I think, the more I know, the more it hurts.
             Am        Am7           Dm7/A
With only solitude to meet me like a friend? 
               G              Em             Am
Oh, where are you? Where are you? Where are you?


Am             Dm7/A       RIFF 
     Maybe she sits alone
G                         C               G4/B          Am
     Beyond the storm a-cross the raging torrent of the sea.
 F          Dm/A               G               Em     E7
She knows I want her and she knows I'll always be.
           Am              Am7           Dm7/A
How can I live without the love I cannot see?
               G              Em             Am
Oh, where are you? Where are you? Where are you?


    Am                                Dm7/A             
 |  /   /   /   /  |  /   /   /   /  |  /   /   /   /  |
    G7                C      G4/B       Am      F
  | /   /   /   /  |  /   /   /   /  |  /   /   /   /  |

C/G                               F
     I know there's someone there.
C/G                G     F   C/G                            Bb/F   G
     I hear her breathe           behind the silence of the dark.
      C/G                Am           F          G4        G
But I know that I won't see 'till we open up our eyes to-gether.
C           G4/B    Am             F          B/F#  D/F#  E
     She'll look at me -  what a moment that moment will be!
          G        F            E                   Am    Dm/A   E    E7*
And she looks so light I could fly her through the night. Ooh.______


Am            Dm7/A        RIFF 
     I know I think a lot,
G                          C              G4/B          Am
     But somehow it just doesn't help, it only goes to show.
 F            Dm/A                    G     Em  E7
That what you never miss, you never know. | / / / / |
            Am                 Am7           Dm7/A
But I have loved you from the moment that we knew.
            G           Em                 Am
Oh, I love you! I love you, but where are you?


    RIFF       (G...)
    .../        /   /   /   /

     Note: All chord shapes relative to capo position.

   Am     Am7     Dm/A    Dm7/A
 x02210  x02010  x00231  x00211
 --MRI-  --M-I-  ---MRI  ---MII
   G      G4/B     G4      G7  
 320003  x2001x  3x0013  3x0001
 RM---L  -M--I-  R---IL  R----I
   C      C/G      Em      E       E7      E7* 
 x32010  332010  022000  022100  020100  022130
 -RM-I-  RLM-I-  -MR---  -MRI--  -M-I--  -MRIL-
   F      Bb/F    B/F#    D/F#
 133211  xx333x  xx444x  200232
Chord fingering:      T = thumb                
                      I = index finger
                      M = middle finger
                      R = ring finger
                      L = little finger

Tablature notation:   h = hammer-on
                      p = pull-off
                      ~ = vibrato
                    [ ] = natural harmonic (Harm.)
                      / = legato slide (gliss) up the fret
                      \ = legato slide (gliss) down the fret
                      ! = accentuate part with great intensity
                      d = downward stroke
                      u = upward stroke

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