All Kinds of Roses

Author: Leonard Latest revision: May 22, 2022
Author’s Notes: This is one of Cat’s favorite songs from his Roadsinger album. “It kinda wrote itself,” he later said about the song. The intro, with its nested hammering-ons and pulling-offs, is very melodic and lends itself to some awesome finger-picking. Cat plays the entire piece in his usual fingerstyle, with his thumb and index alone. This song also sounds great on a nylon-string guitar. Our guitar tablature follows Cat’s sittee version of the song in the video below.
Each guitar tab is the author’s own work and represents his or her own interpretation of the song.
Visitors may use the guitar tabs offered here only for private study, scholarship, or research.

                      "All Kinds of Roses"
                 by Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam
                    from the original album
                        ROADSINGER (2009)
              as played by Cat in a sittee version

Standard tuning
(low to high) E-A-D-G-B-E

in 4/4 time

    G                               C                       G                      D/F#   G
    / .     / . / . / . /   .       / . / . / . /   .       / . / . / . /   .       / . / . / . / .  
   (G)                      C                       G                      D/F#   G    C/G
    / . / . / . /   .       / . / . / . /   .       / . / . / . /   .       / . / . / . /   .


G                         C                    
     All kinds of roses,     all kinds of roses
G                       D/F#                 G   C/G
     All kinds of roses      grow in my gar-den
G                             C      
     All kinds of creatures,     all kinds of creatures
G                           D/F#            G    G/F#
     All kinds of creatures      run on my land
Em                           Am
     All kinds of children,      all kinds of children
Em                          B7              Em
     All kinds of children      play in my yard
C                       G     G/F#       Em
     So many feelings,     so many feel-ings 
D           D/F#       G 
     Flow through my blood



G                          C 
     All kinds of people,     all kinds of people
G                        D/F#              G    C/G
     All kinds of people      make up my life
G                         C      
     All kinds of faces,     all kinds of faces
G                       D/F#                G    G/F#
     All kinds of faces      show me their love
Em                           Am
     All kinds of lanterns,      all kinds of lanterns
Em                          B7                Em
     All kinds of lanterns      light up the dark
C                               G     G/F#    Em
     But there's only one God,     on-ly one God
D           D/F#         G  
     Has a place in my heart



G                         C
     All kinds of roses,     all kinds of roses
G                       D/F#                 G
     All kinds of roses      grow in my gar-den


    Note #1:      Cat's fingerpicking style is on full display here
(fingerpicking)   in the intro. He simply uses the thumb for the 
                  bass and the index for the treble strings often 
                  hitting the G and B treble strings all at once. 
                  This is reminiscent of his fingerpicking we are 
                  used to from the 1970s.

    Note #2:      In the verses Cat continues the hammering onto,
  (hammering)     and pulling off from, the full C major chord 
                  very similiar to the intro.

    G       C     D/F#     C/G    G/F#
 3x0003  x32013  200232  3x2013  2x0003
 R----L  -RM-IL  T--IRM  R-M-IR  T----L

   Em      Am      B7       D
 022000  x02210  x21202  xx0232
 -MR---  --MRI-  -MIR-L  ---IRM

Chord fingering:      T = thumb                
                      I = index finger
                      M = middle finger
                      R = ring finger
                      L = little finger

Tablature notation:   h = hammer-on
                      p = pull-off

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